Albanian Riviera Tour

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ALBANIAN RIVIERA TOUR – 6 DAYS 🏄🏊‍♀️🛥🛳⛵️🛶 Departure every Sunday! 📌Limited Seats!

If you’re planning to visit Albania, the best beaches of the southern coast, then be part of our 6 days tour. Adrenaline, Amazing Places, Boat Rides, Paragliding, Speed Boats, Diving, Parasailing and many other unforgettable activities and experiences.

🌟Chosen as the best tour for 2015 from Travel Magazine. 
🌟99.5% of the 2016 participants suggested is as the best option for vacations.

🛎🔔📣 DATES 🔔📣:

📪 9 – 14 July 2017
📪 16 – 21 July 2017
📪 23 – 28 July 2017
📪 30 July – 04 August 2017
📪 05 – 11 August 2017
📪 13 – 18 August 2017
📪 20 – 25 August 2017
📪 27 August – 01 September 2017
📪 03 – 08 September 2017
📪 10 – 15 September 2017

Did you know how many amazing places are there between Vlore and Ksamil? About how many of them have you heard of? How many have you visited so far?

• Karaburun Peninsula
• St. Basil’s Beach
• St John’s Bay
• Haxhi Ali’s Cave
• Gjuza Cape
• Dhërmi Beach
• Drymades Beach
• Perivolos Beach
• St. Andrea’s Beach
• Palasë Beach
• Grama Bay
• Ngjipe Beach/Canyon
• Pirates Cave
• Jalë Beach
• Aquarium Bay
• Himara Castle
• Himarë Beach
• Llaman Bay
• Porto Palermo Castle
• Sarandë
• Ksamil Beach
• Kakome Bay
• Krorëz Beach
• Butrint (UNESCO Protected World Heritage Site)
• Blue Eye Spring
• Etc (many small hidden gems that we will visit by boat)

☎ Contact: 📱 +355696009060 | 📱 +355676066677
[email protected] or message us on FaceBook
📫 Adress: Rr. Ibrahim Rugova 29, Tirane 1001, Albania

Day 1
08:30 Departure from Tirana
⛵Coffee break along the journey
Arrival and accommodation in Vlore
⛵Boat ride to inner Karaburun where we will see Haxhi Ali’s Cave and St’ John’s Bay. 
⛵Swimming at St. Basil’s Beach
⛵Return by boat to Vlore
Dinner at hotel
Welcome Party after dinner

Day 2
Breakfast at hotel
⛵After arriving in Dhermi, accommodation in hotel and then departure by boat to Drymades, Palase, St. Andrea’s Bay and Grama Bay.
Free time / Swimming
Dinner in Dhermi
Fire by the beach, wine and time for new friends.

Day 3
⛵Breakfast at hotel
⛵Boat ride to Pirates Cave and Ngjipe Bay / Canyon. Optional – You can stay in Jale and do scuba diving and then free time in Dhermi beach.
⛵Free time
Group activities (games, animations, fire, Mafia game, Tarakos game)

Day 4
⛵Breakfast at hotel
⛵Optional – Either paragliding from Llogara Mountain or Speed Boat ride to Grama Bay. 
Departure to Saranda with stop for swimming in Jale Beach
Visit to Himara’s Castle
Lunch at Llaman’s Bay
Visit Ali Pasha’s Castle in Porto Palermo
Arrival in Saranda and accommodation in hotel
Free time and dinner at one of the seaside restaurants.

Day 5
⛵Breakfast at hotel
⛵Boat ride to Kakome Bay and one of the most beautiful beaches of Albania, that of Krorez. 
Free time for swimming in Kakome and Krorez
Return to hotel, free time.
Dinner at one of the seaside restaurants.

Day 6
⛵Breakfast at hotel
Visit to Ksamil and Butrint
Optional– Either Paragliding or boat ride to Kakome and Krorez.
Free time for relax in Ksamil
⛵Visit to Blue Eye Spring.
Stop for coffee and relax along the journey
⛵Return to Tirane

☎ Contact: 📱 +355696009060 | 📱 +355676066677
[email protected] or message us on FaceBook
📫 Adress: Rr. Ibrahim Rugova 29, Tirane 1001, Albania

🔔 Price per Person 320 EUR.
Price Includes:
🌟 Transport with comfortable couch throughout the journey (Sprinter)
🌟 5 nights hotel accommodation on Half Board basis (Breakfast + Dinner).
🌟 Boat ride to Karaburun
🌟 Boat ride (Dhermi – Pirates Cave – Ngjipe – Jale)
🌟 Boat ride (Dhermi – Perivolos – Drimadhes – Palas – St. Andrea’s Bay – Grama Bay)
🌟 Boat ride (Sarande – Kakome – Krorez – Kakome – Sarande)
🌟 Guide along the journey
🌟 Photos along the journey
🌟 Entrance tickets to Ali Pasha’s Castle.
🌟 Paragliding from Llogara +50 euro
🌟 Scuba Diving in Jale +20 euro
🌟 Paragliding in Sarande +25 euro
🌟 Flyeboard + 30 euro

Full Day Tour of Durres

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Durrësi is the second largest city in Albania, the biggest port and the hub of the railroad system. It is one of the most ancient cities in Albania. Known by name of Epidamnus, it was established in the year 627 B.C. by colons coming from Corinth and Corcyra. Later on, the name changed to Durrahium (according to mythology the nephew of Epidamnus). During this period, the city flourished and became the main port of the Eastern Adriatic. Between the 1st and the 3rd centuries, it played a major role as a trading centre along the ancient Egnatia road, which connected Rome with Byzantium. Everyone has lot of things to see in Durrës, considering it a getaway to another world.

Highlights of the tour

  • City Walls.
  • Amphitheatre.
  • Roman Thermal Baths.
  • Byzantine Forum.
  • Archaeological Museum.
  • Ethnographic Museum.
  • King Zogu Villa.

Meet and greet with the group at hotel lobby and drive to Durres, 35 km from Tirana. Briefing on the way there. We start with Durres city walls, the amphitheatre, the Ethnographic Museum, the old part of the city and then we continue toward city centre, where most of the institutions are located. We will visit the mosque, the city hall, the cinema and then we continue toward the Roman Thermal Baths, the Byzantine Forum and the Archaeological Museum.
Then we will visit King Zogu Villa which offers a scenic view of Durres from the top of a hill. Then we descend toward Taulantia promenade to have a coffee or lunch.
Entrance fees, where applicable, are not included. Food, drinks and tips not included.