Full Day Tour of Durres

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Durrësi is the second largest city in Albania, the biggest port and the hub of the railroad system. It is one of the most ancient cities in Albania. Known by name of Epidamnus, it was established in the year 627 B.C. by colons coming from Corinth and Corcyra. Later on, the name changed to Durrahium (according to mythology the nephew of Epidamnus). During this period, the city flourished and became the main port of the Eastern Adriatic. Between the 1st and the 3rd centuries, it played a major role as a trading centre along the ancient Egnatia road, which connected Rome with Byzantium. Everyone has lot of things to see in Durrës, considering it a getaway to another world.

Highlights of the tour

  • City Walls.
  • Amphitheatre.
  • Roman Thermal Baths.
  • Byzantine Forum.
  • Archaeological Museum.
  • Ethnographic Museum.
  • King Zogu Villa.

Meet and greet with the group at hotel lobby and drive to Durres, 35 km from Tirana. Briefing on the way there. We start with Durres city walls, the amphitheatre, the Ethnographic Museum, the old part of the city and then we continue toward city centre, where most of the institutions are located. We will visit the mosque, the city hall, the cinema and then we continue toward the Roman Thermal Baths, the Byzantine Forum and the Archaeological Museum.
Then we will visit King Zogu Villa which offers a scenic view of Durres from the top of a hill. Then we descend toward Taulantia promenade to have a coffee or lunch.
Entrance fees, where applicable, are not included. Food, drinks and tips not included.

Full Day Tour of Tirana

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Tirana, the Republic of Albania’s largest city, is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, a plethora of beautiful churches and lush parks. Founded in 1614, some striking Mussolini-era architecture dots the city center. Walk between sights such as Skanderbeg Square’s 1789 Et’hem Bey Mosque, the 1830 Sahat-Kulla (Clock Tower) and the Puppet Theater, once home to King Zog’s puppet parliament. Visit the Peace Bell, built with old cartridge shells, a reminder of Tirana’s stormy past. Tirana is a city of contrast, therefore a great travel destination.

Highlights of the tour

  • “Zog the 1st” Boulevard.
  • Scanderbeg Square.
  • The Pyramid.
  • Mother Teresa Square.
  • The Artificial Lake.
  • The Bllok Area.
  • Dajti Mountain.


Meeting with the group at hotel lobby. Depending on hotel’s location, we drive or walk toward city center. We start with an intro about Tirana’s history through the centuries and start walking toward the main attractions, starting from Mother Teresa square at Tirana’s Polytechnic University. Walking the main boulevard, we will take a look at the most important institutions as the Presidential Palace, the Congresses Palace, the Prime Minister’s office and the Parliament offices. Then we continue with the Pyramid (Enver Hoxha’s ex-museum), Dajti Hotel, the Arts Gallery, Rinia Park, Independence Monument and then we reach the main square of Tirana, Scanderbeg Square. We will continue with the City Hall, Et’Hem Bey’s Mosque, the Clock Tower, the Opera Palace, the National Library and the National Museum.

If weather conditions permit, we will walk and have a coffee in the Bllok area, next to Enver Hoxha’s Villa. Then we head toward Mother Teresa square to take the couch toward Dajti Mountain where we will take the cable car for a lunch with a view.

Entrance fees, where applicable, are not included. Food, drinks and tips not included. Cable car ticket not included.