Full Day Tour of Berat

Posted By : Niku/ 363

Berat – 2400 year old town located in southcentral Albania is known as “the town of a thousand windows, also the Museum City”. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns of Albania, with a settlement having existed there since at least the 6th century BC, when it was a fortress-settlement of the Greek Dassaretae tribe on the old border between Illyria and Epirus. The old town was inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List in July 2008. Berat lies on the right bank of the river Osum, a short distance from the point where it is joined by the Molisht river. The Osumi river has cut a 915-metre deep gorge through the limestone rock on the west side of the valley to form a precipitous natural fortress, around which the town was built on several river terraces. It is remarkable Ottoman town, with a wealth of beautiful buildings of the highest architectural and historical interest. According to legend, the Tomorr mountain was originally a giant, who fought with another giant, called Shpirag over a young woman. They killed each other and the girl drowned in her tears, which then became the Osum river.

Highlights of the tour

  • The Old Quarters of Mangalem and Gorica.
  • Berat Castle.
  • Ethnographic & Onufri Museum.
  • The city’s beautiful mosques and churches.
  • The Bridge of Gorica.

Meeting and greeting with the group at the hotel lobby and then drive to Berat, approx. 70 km from Tirana. The program starts with a visit at the old quarters of Mangalemi and Gorica where we will see the famous old bridge of Gorica too. We stop for a short break to enjoy the scenery and the thousand windows of the old city. Then we proceed to the castle where we will visit the Ethnographic Museum, the Onufri Museum, the various churches and the mosque. Then we will visit the rest of the castle. After that, we descend toward city center where we will visit the city’s cathedral and to finish this amazing tour with a meal from the traditional tasty cuisine of Berat. End of the tour.
Entrance fees, where applicable, are not included. Food, drinks and tips not included.