Wine Tasting Tour in Albania

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Wine Touring in Albania

We believe that great wine tastings at excellent Albanian wineries don’t happen in 5 minutes at a wine bar in a big tasting room, but are more like an immersion into a culture. Tasting the wine is complementary to seeing the vineyards and cellars, meeting mesmerizing personalities and hearing their stories – special encounters & memories that will linger forever!

The Wineries

We choose to go wineries usually of the small family run kind that make excellent wines (often organic). Many have a great reputation and make reward winning wines. When possible, we will have the opportunity to discuss the wines and wine making with the actual owner or wine maker during our tours.


Logically, wine goes with food – especially in Albania – and so tastings at wineries often come with bread & olive oil or bits of local products. Lunch is an important inclusive of our tours and we feel you should savor the best local foods & wines together with some good conversation!

The Tours

We offer group tours and private tours upon request. Group tours have a specific schedule that we cannot customize to individual requests, but their advantage is that their per person price is great.
Private tours are exclusive to your group and the itinerary will be planned uniquely for you.


Full Day Tour of Kruja

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Kruja (alb. Krujë) is a medieval town located 32 km northwest of Tirana and 20 minutes by car from the international Airport of Rinas. It is built 560 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Sari-Salltiku mountain. The name of Kruja derives from the Albanian word krua, meaning ‘water spring’. The citadel have become the main Illyrian fortress in the area in the 4th century AD. In the year 879, Kruja was mentioned for the first time as a Christian religious center. The first Albanian feudal state was created here circa 1190.The ottomans occupied Kruja two times, in 1396 and 1415. Town reached its zenith on the 28th of November 1443 when the Kruja castle was taken by Gjergj Kastrioti (Skanderbeg), who then organized the long anti-Ottoman resistance. From this time on, under the leadership of Skanderbeg, Kruja repelled three Ottoman sieges in 1450, 1457 and 1466. Only ten years after the death of Skanderbeg, in 1478, were the Ottomans able to capture the castle and destroy the town.

Highlights of the tour

  • Kruja Castle.
  • Scanderbeg Museum.
  • Ethnographic Museum.
  • Old Town Bazaar.
  • The Old Hamam.
  • The Sari-Saltik Holy Site.

Meeting and greeting with the group at the hotel lobby and then drive to Kruje, approx. 30 km from Tirana. The program starts with a visit at the Scanderbeg Museum and the remaining parts of the old castle. We continue with the Ethnographic Museum and after that, free time to explore the old bazaar to buy souvenirs. Then we drive to the top of the mountain, to Sari Saltik holy place to enjoy the scenery. Lunch on the way back down the mountain. End of the tour.
Entrance fees, where applicable, are not included. Food, drinks and tips not included.