Visit Theth in 3 days

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Theth is a wonderful village in northern Albania’s Shkodra region. Set among the peaks of the Shala mountains, Theth is isolated, and in times of snow, practically inaccessible.Legend has it that Theth was founded 400 years ago by 6 brothers. Individual parts of the village still bear the names of these brothers. In a presentation at the International Peace Research Association, Antonia Young, an anthropologist who participated in a 2005 research project in Shala valley, suggested this ‘perceived family link’ could be the explanation for the unusually low levels of internal conflicts and blood feuds in Theth. According to Theth’s primarily Catholic inhabitants, the village was founded as a refuge to escape conversion to Islam by the Ottomans. After the Second World War and the country’s self imposed isolation, access to the markets in Montenegro and Kosovo dried up. The fall of communism led to emigration and a declining population. Antonia Young’s team only found 17 families who reside in Theth year-round. Theth also contains 12 small mills and a functional hydro plant. During the period of March to November, Theth is visited by around 5000-10000 foreign tourists yearly.

Highlights of the tour

  • Thethi Waterfall.
  • Grunas Canyon.
  • Ethnographic Museum of Theth.
  • Tower of Isolation.
  • Saint John’s Church.
  • Nderlyse Stone Pools.
  • Black Well’s Bridge.
  • Blue Eye of Theth


Meet and greet at the hotel lobby in early morning. Drive to Theth, approx. 170 km from Tirana. After arrival, accommodation at a guesthouse and lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the Thethi Waterfall and the Grunas Canyon. it’s approx. 4 hours walking in total, difficulty level is easy/medium. On the way back, we will visit the Ethnographic Museum of Theth, the Kulla e Ngujimit (Tower of Isolation), and the Saint John’s Church. At 20.30 traditional dinner with Theth specialties and bio-organic food. Overnight in Theth.

Breakfast in the guesthouse. Then we start our day with a visit at the stone formations/pools of Nderlyse and the Blye Eye of Kaprre. Lunch in picknick style. The stone formations are 2.5 hours away, walking on an unpaved automobile road. After arriving in Nderlyse village, we will visit the Mill of Nderlyse and then we will continue to Black Well’s Bridge, to enjoy one of the most fantastic views of Theth. After the bridge we will visit the stone formations, water pools in rose colour. After a short stop for lunch, we will visit the Blye Eye, further 2 hours roundtrip. Difficulty level is medium.

On the third day morning we will have breakfast and depart to Tirana, with stops in Shkoder for coffee or lunch. End of the program.