Butrint - Ksamil - Lekures

Departure Date



6 hours



Book this shore excursion from the port of Saranda and enjoy a tour to the ancient city of Butrint, a World Heritage Site of great interest. Situated at the southern edge of the Albanian coast, and in a cross-way of sea roads leading to the Mediterranean Sea, Saranda has always been an attractive prospect for people movements and settlements at different periods of time. The most famous testimony of this is the ancient city of Butrint, a World Heritage Site. Situated in a beautiful peninsula, it also offers a beautiful natural site. We will visit the well-preserved ruins of the ancient city of Butrint and its museum hosted in the Venetian castle. Butrint is also a National park that includes an uncontaminated vegetation area of Mediterranean, and has also a lake that is connected to the Ionian sea by a natural channel. The wetlands around the lake are shelter for different animals and aquatic species in danger of extinction. The excavations and studies have proved that during the VII and the VI centuries BC Butrint was a protourban  centre. By the V century BC Butrint has got the full form of an ancient city. During the VI century the city was equipped with new buildings such as the theatre, the agora, the small, temple and the stoa. The complex of the sanctuary of Asclepius forms the most magnificent part of the city. The main importance and magnificence of the Site was in the Roman period when the City was proclaimed a Roman Colony and used by the roman aristocracy as a holiday destination. Even during late antiquity, Butrint maintained its importance. The construction of the Great Basilica and of the baptistery dates to this period. The baptistery has the floor surface covered by a mosaic decoration of a very fine processing, which is very well preserved. After Butrint we will stop by Ksamil, a village by the seaside with fine white sand and 3 dreamy islands. last stop will be at the Castle of Lekures, built by Suleiman The Magnificent to overlook Saranda bay and Corfu island. End of the tour in Saranda.