Wine Tasting Trip to Rahovec, Kosove

Departure Date

Every Saturday


1 Day



In the heart of the wine producing area of Rahovec, there are the “Old Cellar” vineyards. The winery “Bodrumi i Vjetër” (Old Cellar) is established in 1953 as Agricultural Cooperative “Kosova Vera” Rahovec. After its privatisation in 2006, the winery continued its operations as a new enterprise under the name “Bodrumi i Vjetër”.

The city of Rahovec has been a settlement since the Roman Empire, which is proven by many archaeological remains in the area. Rahovec is especially known for its vineyards, even though many hectares of vineyards have been shattered. Two biggest vineyards of the town have been privatised, and it is expected to regain the high quality wine, that used to be made in Rahovec. The wine festival in Rahovec is held on every second Thursday of September month, each year. People wear traditional costumes, dance and have fun, while trying the wine of their neighbours. Homemade Rakia, is also among the items to be tasted. As a characteristic of the Rahoveci people is their unique dialect.

The distance from Tirana is 200 KM and it takes approximately 3 hours to get there. On the way we will stop for a coffee in Kukes to enjoy the scenery of Kukes lake.The short version of the tour includes an historical overview of the winery, on the Rahovec vines cultivating tradition, wine tasting of the finest wines of the winery and also a short tour in Rahovec city.

Upon request, we can combine the wine tasting with local products like hard cheese, ham and baked bread or a full scale lunch with traditional dishes like organic chicken in oven, traditional pie (fli) or roasted lamb meat.

*The price is for the base tour, wine tasting and guide of the winery (including transport and guide). For the full tour, please contact us. Vegetarians are welcome. For larger groups the price is flexible. The tour can be individual.